The colorful digital led ridge we produce with “Mesh Pixel” technology for Çamlıca Mosque is also the largest ridge in the world. Our ridge produced with mesh pixel technology, which can be seen clearly from many points of Istanbul, is completely domestic production, and the design, production and application stages have been made within our company. Mesh pixel technology is also lightweight, energy-efficient, long-lasting and easy to maintain. As another benefit of Mesh Technology, it is resistant to the harsh weather conditions of Çamlıca Hill, direct sunlight and all weather conditions.


The architectural facades produced in Turkey by Digital Engineering can be controlled, modified, transformed into a structure that can be used in different ways, so that the visual results are unprecedented before turning into screens or animation in architectural surface through light and design, and paved the way for a new architectural visualization.

It can be produced in project-specific sizes, flexible and customizable.

Mesh led screens designed in transparent wall appearance have a flexible mounting possibility to adapt to the physical structure of the surface to be applied. With this feature, mesh led displays are customizable according to the project. With its flat cable connection and steel tension apparatus, it provides practical installation infrastructure for use in many of façades types.

  • Pixel Density: 44 pixels / m2

  • Pixel Pitch: 150 mm

  • Pixel Structure: LED (RGB-3 IN-1 SMD3030)

  • IP Protection Rating: IP66

  • Brightness: 440 Cd / m2

  • Max. Power Consumption: ,7 0.72 W / pixel

  • Cover. Power Consumption: ≤ 0.24 W / pixel

  • Viewing Angle: Y120 ° D120 °

  • Refresh Rate: ≥ 400Hz

  • Input Voltage: 220/110 VAC, 50/60 Hz

  • LED Lifespan: 100,000 Hours

  • Number of Pixel Controls: 2.048 / 4.096

  • Color Range: 16 Million

  • Control System:

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Camlica Mosque – Istanbul

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