Why should you choose Oliptek Intelligent Parking Guidance System?

The increasing number of vehicles due to the needs of modern life has not only led to an increase in the number of existing parking lots in cities, but also made it necessary to use existing parking lots more efficiently. The need for parking, especially in city centers, has become a growing problem over time. Various steps are taken to solve the following common problems in order to use the car parks more efficiently

1. When managing large parking lots, it is difficult to track empty parking spaces. Staff should check, keep in mind and guide the drivers of the free parking spaces in the parking lot. This is not a practical method.

2. The car owner may not see the empty parking spaces at the first time he enters the parking lot. It is a waste of time searching for space to park your vehicle.

3. In order to manage the car traffic in the parking lot more than one person is required. This is naturally reflected in the operating costs of the car park.

4. Parking management cannot monitor vehicle movements at different times, make necessary reporting and optimize parking.

As Oliptek, we offer advanced technology solutions in order to use the car parks more efficiently, to allow the car owners to park their vehicles in a safe, fast, practical and comfortable way and to use the time more efficiently. For this purpose, we developed “Oliptek Intelligent Parking Guidance System” With this system, vehicles are directed towards empty parking spaces, operating costs are reduced, reporting is provided and parking is a solution to the problem of searching for space.

Monitoring Software

Instant parking information can be accessed through the parking guidance system software. The monitoring software provides reporting to report detailed statistical information such as annual / monthly / daily occupancy rates, entry and exit information, average time spent by customers, most logged in hours, weekday – weekend occupancy rate.

Led Display

Displays used in different areas such as regional, floor and main entrance are one of the components of the system. At the entrance to the car park, they provide information on the empty-full parking space on all floors or on the corridors at the beginning of a corridor.

Main Control Unit

The task of the main control unit is to control the routing panels by processing and interpreting information from the receiving units. It transfers this information to the database simultaneously.

Web Application: Thanks to the web interface of the Parking Guidance System, the system can be monitored from anywhere regardless of location. With the help of customer-specific pages, vehicle owners can be informed before arriving at the parking lot.

Masaüstü: It is possible to monitor vehicle movements live with desktop software.Mobile Monitoring Software: With the mobile version of the parking monitoring software, vehicle owners can be informed about the free parking spaces before coming to the parking lot via their mobile phones.

Infrastructure Installation: According to the details of the project, the rigid or emt pipes to which the sensor, data and supply lines will be transported and the pans are mounted to the car park ceiling according to the location.

Cabling: The CAT6 cables, which connect the sensors to the field units and accommodate the data and supply lines, are installed in the channels and then the cabling process is made to connect the field units to the central control unit.

Sensor and Led Installation: After addressing the sensors, they are mounted in emt or rigid pipes with junction boxes. The sensors are connected to the patches on the main line with CAT6 cables.

Control Units: The power lines of the control units are pulled and the sensors start to be fed through the control units. After the sensors and control units are connected, field tests are performed. Field controllers are connected to the main controller in the final stage.